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Phoenix Productions is a corporate event production company that provides full-suite event planning services. Based in New York with an additional branch in Singapore, we organize tailor-made events and conventions for corporations and academic institutions across the globe. A substantial portion of our clients are based in Asia and enjoy our deep expertise in the Far Eastern market in terms of business events needs.


We are your start to finish partner for corporate events, no matter the scale, theme or location. We believe that each client is unique, and requires a tailored offering of services and a disparate approach when providing them. Our talented team sits down with our clients to understand their vision, concept and specifications for their upcoming event. We are experienced in producing a broad range of corporate events and working with a diverse selection of corporate clients who originate from a full spectrum of industries and disciplines.


We make sure every detail is planned, prepared and perfectly executed during the event itself. We provide our undivided attention to capturing the exact branding and concept you are aiming for, and are devoted to executing the event according to your vision. We also assist with scouting suitable participants for corporate events and conventions. Based on target audiences and demographics, we filter through candidates to create the optimal group of participants for your event.

Why Us?

Phoenix Productions helps you use your event to achieve your strategic business objectives. In the planning stages of the event, we address your goals and ensure that every detail is aligned with them. Our team includes strategic consultants who can advise you on how to best to use your event to the advantage of your business, and provide innovative solutions for any challenges you may be facing revolving your upcoming event.


Phoenix Productions provides a full-suite of event planning services, all of which are tailored to your vision for the event in question. We are able to offer specific services or take over full preparation and management of the event, relieving you of stressful, time-consuming preparatory tasks while ensuring the event runs smoothly. Our offering includes, but is not limited to:

Locating and Scheduling Prime Venues

Guest Lists & RSVP’s


Finding and Filtering Participants

Concept and Design


Branding, PR and Marketing


Invitation Design and Distribution

Budgeting and Financing




Entertainment & Speaker Coordination


Transportation Planning and Negotiation


Event Production




Product Launches

Shareholder Meetings

Sales Meetings

Panel Discussions

Corporate Parties

Incentive Events


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